Land Management

Mt. Cuba Center conserves natural lands in order to promote ecosystem health and function, to support environmental education and scientific research, and to maintain the character of the regional landscape. Our gardens are surrounded by more than 1,000 acres of natural lands featuring impressive examples of Appalachian Piedmont geography, flora, and fauna.

We actively turn large parcels of farmland back into native forest. This works to reduce forest fragmentation and develop a continuous canopy, providing a healthy habitat for a variety of species. One example of this is our unprecedented 20-year study of forest restoration. This research will inform land managers of best practices for effectively increasing core forest.

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At Mt. Cuba Center, caring for natural resources is a top priority. In our 1,000+ acres of open space, we work to preserve and enhance the land with restoration, invasive species removal, and habitat enhancement projects. To share the results of our projects, we connect with land owners and managers through our education and outreach programs, encouraging others to join us as stewards of our environment.

In order to measure the benefits of our programs and ensure best practices, we conduct research and monitoring in conjunction with our land management projects. Through this regular eco-monitoring of flora, fauna, and water quality, we are able to hone our approach to natural lands management.

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