Plant Introductions

Mt. Cuba Center’s plant introduction program explores the potential value of underappreciated and underutilized plants that can contribute to expanded diversity in the garden. The process of plant introduction includes the identification, evaluation, naming, and commercialization of plants with characteristics that are different from and/or superior to those of other cultivars currently in the horticultural trade.

Adding new cultivars of native plants expands the availability of high-quality, improved plants for the gardening community. Plant introductions made by Mt. Cuba Center are typically sent to the nursery industry to be propagated and distributed for sale to the public.

We began introducing named cultivars of native plants in 1988, while still a private estate. Today, as a non-profit organization, the introduction of outstanding native plants with exceptional ornamental appeal, garden adaptability, and ecological value continues to be among the top priorities of our horticultural research.

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