The Trails

Explore more than two miles of scenic trails throughout Mt. Cuba Center’s 1,000 acres of natural lands, which are managed to promote ecosystem health and function, support environmental education and scientific research, and preserve the character of the regional landscape. These areas are maintained in their more natural state and take on a “wilder” aesthetic, as opposed to the carefully curated gardens.

The Trails begin as you cross the historic bridge over Barley Mill Rd. They offer several loop and trail options, including:

  • Pollinator Loop (.46 miles) – This is the first trail guests will encounter as they trek through our natural lands and it features a restored wetland and pollinator habitat, historic stone home, and a springhouse.
  • Bluebird Loop (.91 miles) – One of the highest points in Delaware at just over 400 feet above sea level, this trail offers impressive views of Appalachian Piedmont geography, flora, and fauna and beautifully restored native grasslands, which provide the perfect habitat for grassland birds.
  • Wildflower Loop (.66 miles) – The last loop in the Trails, this area highlights native wildflowers, a wetland ecosystem teeming with life, and a black walnut grove.
  • Chestnut Trail (.16 miles) – A conservation and research collaboration with The American Chestnut Foundation, this site is home to several generations of hybridized Chestnuts.

Throughout the Trails experience, you may encounter wildlife and observe active habitat management. Please stay on the trail to help us preserve these native habitats. Seating, shade, and restrooms are provided and noted on the map below.

The Trails at Mt. Cuba Center.

For your safety, accessing the trails throughout Mt. Cuba’s lands is only permitted during our regular visitation season, April through November, by entering our main entrance and purchasing a general admission ticket or scanning your membership. The Trails are included with general garden admission. Please note only service animals are permitted here.

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