Mt. Cuba Center exists thanks to Pamela and Lammot du Pont Copeland’s visionary approach to conservation. The quote below is our founding intention.

“I want this to be a place where people will learn to appreciate our native plants and to see how these plants can enrich their lives so that they, in turn, will become conservators of our natural habitats.” -Pamela Copeland

Beyond the beauty of Mt. Cuba runs a deep river of purpose. We understand the importance of native plants and open space preservation and impart this understanding with everyone who walks through our gates.

Our mission is to inspire an appreciation for the beauty and value of native plants and a commitment to protect the habitats that sustain them.

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Mt. Cuba’s core values inform how we do our work, how we interact and communicate with each other, and what we value as a community.  They articulate what we stand for and expect of the organization and each other. 

  • Mission Above Self
    We exist as an organization for the sole purpose of fulfilling our mission.
  • Collaboration
    No one person can advance our mission alone, so we rely on collaboration in order to efficiently work towards our common purpose.
  • Remarkable Experiences
    We deliver remarkable experiences to our community and guests at every available opportunity.
  • Respect for the Individual
    We welcome diversity in thought and outlook and encourage everyone affiliated with Mt. Cuba to express their unique views.
  • Curiosity & Creative License
    To change the world we ask questions, challenge convention, and cultivate innovative solutions to realize our mission.
  • Responsible Stewardship
    Every staff, board, and committee member is entrusted to be a mindful steward of Mt. Cuba’s human, physical, and fiscal resources.

Every individual is an important potential steward of our mission. Through our collective and intentional action, we can make a positive change in both the environment and our community. 

We acknowledge the existing inequities within society that have made access to nature and its benefits unattainable to so many. As an organization, we are committed to overcoming these barriers and becoming a more welcoming and inclusive representation of our diverse community.  

Our inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA) initiatives represent the organization’s ongoing commitment to provide an environment where all people feel comfortable, welcome, and safe. We aspire to be a space where everyone has an opportunity to contribute, share, learn, and grow together. 

We believe a diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints enhances organizational strength and resilience, and fosters stronger connections between our mission and the communities we serve. 

The Copelands’ aspiration to connect guests and nature, engender concern and care for the environment, and make a meaningful difference in the protection of the habitats that sustain us all is unchanged. Mt. Cuba’s Overarching Goals articulate how we achieve this. 

1. Inspire an appreciation for the beauty and value of native plants

2.  Motivate conservation action

3. Measurably improve the health of habitats and ecosystems

4. Advance organizational effectiveness and long-term sustainability

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