Land Management

Mt. Cuba Center conserves more than 1,000 acres of natural lands including meadows, forests, streams and riparian corridors, surrounding the gardens. We serve as the stewards of this land and work to support the ecosystems, habitats, and the native flora and fauna that depend on them. In managing the natural lands at Mt. Cuba Center, we aim to accomplish four central goals:

Goal 1: Promote ecosystem health and function of the natural lands, the habitats they contain, and the larger systems to which they are connected.

Goal 2: Facilitate and encourage scientific research projects by collaborating internally and externally with those who support our land management objectives.

Goal 3: Use the natural lands to demonstrate the value of conservation and inspire an appreciation of our environment and all of its complexities.

Goal 4: Conserve natural land and maintain the character of the regional landscape.

A field of blooming thistle in the natural lands.

Land stewardship is a full-time but incredibly rewarding job. At Mt. Cuba Center, we work diligently to meet our four central land management goals by focusing on objectives such as controlling invasive species, conducting restoration, maintaining diverse habitats, and providing educational experiences. Click the button below to read about Mt. Cuba’s specific management objectives.

A woman lights a controlled fire in a grassland.

Managing 1,000 Acres: The How

We conduct research and monitoring to measure the effectiveness of our land management efforts and ensure progress towards our goals. Read on to learn more about specific research and monitoring projects at Mt. Cuba Center. 


Eastern Bluebirds

Mt. Cuba collects data from approximately 90 nest boxes to determine how we can best support eastern bluebird reproduction in the natural lands.

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100-Year Reforestation Experiment

Mt. Cuba’s 100-year reforestation experiment is designed to fill knowledge gaps and identify the most successful techniques for converting agricultural fields to forests in our region.

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Birds of Conservation Concern

Mt. Cuba conducts periodic bird surveys on the property, paying particular attention to species of conservation concern.

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American Kestrels

Mt. Cuba partners with the Brandywine Zoo to establish and monitor American Kestrel nest boxes, leg band adults and chicks, and collect biological data on the birds that nest on the property.

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Explore Mt. Cuba’s natural lands by hiking the trails more than two miles of scenic loops and paths with seating, shade, and restrooms. Click the button below to plan your visit.

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