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Astilbe biternata

Native Plants

False Goatsbeard

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False goatsbeard is the only species of Astilbe that is native to North America. In contrast to the more familiar species, it is a strikingly bold, coarse-textured, 3-6’ tall plant. Hundreds of small, creamy-white flowers are borne in feathery pyramidal panicles. These are held above large, divided leaves, which usually end with a three-lobed terminal leaflet. This last feature distinguishes false goatsbeard from true goatsbeard, Aruncus dioicus, which has an unlobed terminal leaflet. Provide rich moist soil in partial shade and use as a background plant. Companion plants providing contrasting textures include Asarum canadense, Carex plantaginea, and Heuchera americana.

More Details

  • Plant Type
  • Sun/Shade Conditions
    filtered-shade, partial-shade 
  • Foliage Character
  • Soil Moisture
    average, moist 
  • Flowering Period
    early-summer, late-spring
  • Soil PH
    acidic, adaptable 
  • Flower Color
    pink, white 
  • Summer Foliage Color
  • Fall Foliage Color
    green, yellow 
  • Fruit/Seed Color