Mt Cuba Center
Mt Cuba Center
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Construction Continues at Mt. Cuba Center

Bridge leading to Natural Lands

Mt. Cuba recently completed construction on the historic bridge that connects Mt. Cuba Center to Natural Lands, formerly Red Clay Reservation. The Copelands installed the bridge in 1970, allowing people to cross and access both spaces safely. This spring, the bridge welcomes guests to more than two miles of scenic trails throughout Mt. Cuba’s natural lands, which extend to the west of Barley Mill Rd. Along their trek, guests will see stunning vistas and examples of Appalachian Piedmont geography, flora, and fauna while learning how our natural lands are being reforested and restored. They will find peace and respite listening to the sounds of nature, including the chattering of Eastern Bluebirds whose nest boxes can be found throughout the Trails.

Mt. Cuba Center has undergone renovations to sections of its property to make it more accessible to all visitors. Some of these renovations are still ongoing, but updates will be shared with guests as they become available.

The Main and Conservatory Terraces, located behind the Main House, will undergo renovations throughout the month of April and will be closed to the public for several weeks. Once completed, these renovations will give accessibility to all visitors with sloped ramps onto the terrace to enjoy the shade and views of the main lawn during their visit to Mt. Cuba Center.

The Upper Oak Allee renovation is now completed with a new path connecting to the forecourt as well as a ramp to the Round Garden. Visitors will be able to walk, stroll, and roll through this newly renovated allee while viewing young American sweetgums (Liquidambar styraciflua) lining the path.

For our family-friendly guests, Bluey’s Woods is open for kids this season, located on the Upper Lawn. There is a little library that is stocked with books and hand sanitizer. Don’t miss the new tree cookies, mulch, and stumps the arborists have outfitted the area with for sitting.