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Hydrangea ‘SMNHALR’ (Lime Rickey®)

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Lime Rickey® hydrangea is a superb introduction from the Proven Winners® breeding program at Spring Meadow Nursery in Grand Haven, Michigan. The result of crossing Hydrangea radiata and Hydrangea arborescens ‘Pink Pincushion’, Lime Rickey® is highly ornamental and performed well in both full sun and shade. The most striking feature of this cultivar is the beautiful, ever-changing mophead inflorescences. The plant displays attractive, lime green sterile flowers in early June and raspberry-colored fertile flowers later in the month. The sterile flowers fade to alabaster as they mature and then revert to their former green color. The flower clusters are flatter than some of the billowy forms of other mopheads, such as Hydrangea arborescens ‘Annabelle’. Lime Rickey® was one of the largest plants in the trial, reaching nearly 6’ tall and 8’ wide. These dimensions were somewhat reduced by cutting the plant back in late March.


  • Rating
    4.6 (Top Performer) 
  • Common Name
    Lime Rickey® hydrangea  
  • Bloom Period
    mid June - early July  
  • Peak Bloom
    mid to late June  
  • Size
    6’ x 8.5’ 
  • Flower Type
  • Inflorescence Diameter