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Hydrangea arborescens ‘Haas’ Halo’

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Style meets substance. Hydrangea arborescens ‘Haas’ Halo’ is a knockout that offers the perfect combination of horticultural excellence and pollinator value. H. arborescens ‘Haas’ Halo’ was a seedling selected by Frederick Ray, plantsman and horticulture professor, from the Pennsylvania garden of Joan Haas. It was chosen for its upright growth and oversized lacecap flower heads. In the trial, plants in full sun displayed flower heads that were consistently among the largest in the entire evaluation. Cutting back in spring magnified the already substantial floral display and reduced the height of plant from 7’ to 4’. H. arborescens ‘Haas’ Halo’ also had a nearly flawless performance when grown in shade, where it displayed uniform growth, dark green foliage, and flower heads that remained attractive for months after their midsummer bloom.


  • Rating
    5.0 (Top Performer) 
  • Common Name
    Haas’ Halo wild hydrangea  
  • Bloom Period
    mid June - early July  
  • Peak Bloom
    late June  
  • Size
    7' x 7' 
  • Flower Type
  • Inflorescence Diameter
  • Pollinator Watch
    🐝 🐝 🐝