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Phlox ‘Spring Delight’

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Phlox ‘Spring Delight’ is thought to be a hybrid between Phlox stolonifera and Phlox paniculata, but is almost certainly a selection of Phlox pulchra. ‘Spring Delight’ looked nearly identical to a cultivar of Phlox pulchra that was included in our sun phlox trial called ‘Bibb Pink’ and shared a nearly identical susceptibility to leaf spot. Phlox pulchra typically prefers a partial shade environment, but because the supposed parentage of ‘Spring Delight’ included Phlox stolonifera, we decided to incorporate it into our shade trial rather than the sun trial. This likely further reduced the plants performance which already suffered from disease problems and a floppy habit.


  • Rating
  • Common Name
    Spring Delight phlox  
  • Bloom Period
    late May—early June 
  • Size
    20” x 30”