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Phlox divaricata

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Phlox divaricata was consistently one of the top-performing selections of woodland phlox in our trial and is actually tied for first place with the cultivar called ‘Blue Moon’. Phlox divaricata was vigorous, sturdy, and produced an abundance of flowers throughout April and May. A caveat to recommending Phlox divaricata over a particular cultivar is that its performance will vary depending on the source of the plants. One of the reasons we believe Phlox divaricata excelled in our trial is because we planted healthy and actively growing plants which readily established themselves in the garden. This was not always possible with other, less common cultivars purchased from various nurseries. Therefore, we highly recommend purchasing and planting only healthy and actively growing selections of woodland phlox.


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    woodland phlox  
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    18” x 40”