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Echinacea pallida ‘Hula Dancer’

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Echinacea pallida ‘Hula Dancer’, introduced by Jelitto in 2006, is a slightly larger plant than the parent species but the most significant difference is the flower color.  Echinacea pallida in our trial displayed graceful pale-pink flowers, but the pigmentation of ‘Hula Dancer’ was even more subdued and in some cases the petals appeared almost white.  Interestingly pollinators preferred ‘Hula Dancer’ to the species despite an identical bloom time and side-by-side position in the Trial Garden.  Echinacea pallida in all its forms is a stunning plant that is overflowing with horticultural appeal although the plant might need some support if grown in typical garden soil where it tends to flop.


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  • Common Name
    Hula Dancer pale purple coneflower  
  • Bloom Period
    mid June-early July 
  • Peak Bloom
    late June 
  • Flower Size
  • Size
    44” x 44” 
  • Flower Type