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Echinacea ‘Marmalade’

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Echinacea ‘Marmalade’ is a member of the Cone-fections™ series introduced by AB-Cultivars.  Unlike the tidy double flowers of PUFF® Vanilla or ‘Milkshake’, the petals of ‘Marmalade’ appear messy and disorganized.  The flowers overall are orange with darker central petals but the color gets muddy and fades quickly. In the trial ‘Marmalade’ collapsed under the weight of the large double flowers.  While this cultivar lacked vigor in general, one of the five plants proved to be the exception and produced an incredible display.


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  • Common Name
    Marmalade coneflower  
  • Bloom Period
    mid June-mid July 
  • Peak Bloom
    late June-early July 
  • Flower Size
  • Size
    38” x 46” 
  • Flower Type