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Echinacea ‘Julia’

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The flowers of Echinacea ‘Julia’ are particularly noteworthy and share similar orange tones to the South American Julia butterfly for which it is named. The petals of ‘Julia’ showcase the same two-tone quality that SOMBRERO® Hot Coral displays in the early season but on a larger flower. As the petals mature, they begin to express an attractive bicolor effect. The petals are a deep rosy pink closest to the cone and vibrant tangerine at their tips. Near the end of the five-week bloom period in mid-July the flowers trade their vibrancy for soft pastels in a manner similar to Echinacea ‘POST301’ (Postman).



  • Rating
    4.3 (Top Performer) 
  • Common Name
    Julia coneflower  
  • Bloom Period
    late June-mid July  
  • Peak Bloom
    early July 
  • Flower Size
  • Size
    24” x 20” 
  • Flower Type