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Coreopsis tripteris ‘Flower Tower’

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Coreopsis tripteris ‘Flower Tower’ was the tallest coreopsis in our trial, at an astonishing 8’ tall. Thankfully this cultivar has very thick stems, so it was more than capable of maintaining an upright habit. The flowers were also the largest in our trial at 2.5” in diameter. However, the floral display lasted only four to five weeks which is about half as long as Coreopsis tripteris and the cultivar ‘Gold Standard’. ‘Flower Tower’ is a rhizomatous perennial that spreads about 2’ over three years, and is also reliably hardy and disease resistant.


  • Rating
  • Common Name
    Flower Tower tall tickseed  
  • Bloom Period
    mid-August – early September 
  • Flower Size
    2.5” diameter 
  • Size
    96” x 72” (h x w) 
  • Weeks in Bloom
  • Disease Resistance
    No disease observed