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Coreopsis palustris

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The straight species of Coreopsis palustris started out each season just as beautiful as ‘Summer Sunshine’, but powdery mildew and leaf spot always became a problem starting in August. The disease pressure was so severe that the plants were often defoliated by late September. This makes the disease resistance of ‘Summer Sunshine’ all the more impressive since they were growing side by side. Our plants of the straight species were vastly inferior to the cultivar ‘Summer Sunshine’.


  • Rating
  • Common Name
    Beadle’s tickseed  
  • Bloom Period
  • Flower Size
    2 ¼” diameter 
  • Size
    40” x 44” (h x w) 
  • Weeks in Bloom
  • Disease Resistance
    Prone to powdery mildew and leaf spot