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Coreopsis ‘Galaxy’

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Coreopsis ‘Galaxy’ is a low-growing cultivar with a slightly sprawling habit. It has light yellow, semi-double flowers that bloom all summer. Unfortunately, ‘Galaxy’ was not reliably perennial. Four out of five plants failed over the first winter. Replacements were planted the following spring which looked great for much of that year. However, by late fall the plants started to defoliate. It is unclear if their failure to survive the second winter was caused more by their poor health, or if they are just naturally unreliable.


  • Rating
    Did not complete trial 
  • Common Name
    Galaxy tickseed  
  • Bloom Period
    June – September 
  • Flower Size
    2” diameter 
  • Size
    14” x 30” (h x w) 
  • Weeks in Bloom
    20 weeks 
  • Disease Resistance
    Prone to mild powdery mildew