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Coreopsis ‘Crème Brulee’

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Coreopsis ‘Crème Brulee’ is a flowering powerhouse, with buttery yellow flowers from June through September. Unfortunately, there are several problems with the performance of this cultivar. The habit has an open center, such that the bulk of the foliage forms a ring around the perimeter. ‘Crème Brulee’ is also very prone to powdery mildew, with significant infections throughout much of the summer. Hardiness is another concern; all five plants died over the first winter, were replaced, and then died over the second winter. ‘Crème Brulee’ is sometimes listed as a cultivar of Coreopsis verticillata, although there is no evidence of the relation in its appearance. It is more likely a hybrid between Coreopsis rosea and Coreopsis grandiflora. Several other cultivars were selected as sports of ‘Crème Brulee’ whose flowers have pink undertones, belying one of its parents as C. rosea. The lack of a rhizomatous habit and the wide (compared to C. verticillata and C. rosea) leaf shape indicates C. grandiflora or something very similar is the other parent.


  • Rating
    Did not complete trial 
  • Common Name
    Crème Brulee tickseed  
  • Bloom Period
    June – early September 
  • Flower Size
    1 ½” diameter 
  • Size
    14” x 30” (h x w) 
  • Weeks in Bloom
    18 weeks 
  • Disease Resistance
    Prone to powdery mildew