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Carex pensylvanica (Pennsylvania sedge)

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Both C. pensylvanica and C. pensylvanica ‘Straw Hat’ are exceptional sedges that are worthy additions to almost any landscape of the mid-Atlantic region. They perform admirably in both sun and shade and will form loose carpets of verdant grassy foliage. Selected by Brent Horvath in Hebron, Illinois, C. pensylvanica ‘Straw Hat’, is slower growing than the species, with a growth rate of approximately three feet over four years. In contrast, a single division of C. pensylvanica can cover an area of four to five feet in diameter in the same amount of time. The flowers of the species C. pensylvanica are not showy or numerous and are easily missed by casual observers when they bloom in April. Straw Hat Pennsylvania sedge, on the other hand, produces a bounty of attractive parchment-colored flowers that rival the ornamental display of C. woodii. Both plants are excellent garden companions for taller perennials where they can weave gently amongst their stems, helping to cover ground and suppress weeds. Pennsylvania sedge is widespread through the central and eastern United states where it can be found in open woodlands and other well-drained sites.


  • Rating
    4.3/4.2 (Shade/Sun) Top Performer 
  • Common Name
    Pennsylvania sedge  
  • Size
    15” x 54” 
  • Growth habit
  • Texture
  • Winter foliage
  • Mowing rating
    4.3/4.4 (shade/sun)