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Carex jamesii (James’ sedge)

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Carex jamesii is one of the most beautiful sedges in the trial, particularly in spring when the emerald-green foliage is fresh. In midsummer, the tips of the leaf blades bronze and burn, especially in full sun, although this effect is diffuse enough that the plants remain attractive. Established plants form tidy clumps of semi-evergreen foliage that retain their interest and ornamental value in the winter months. Spring cleanup, while not entirely necessary with this species, can consist of a very light cutback in late winter or early spring to refresh its appearance. James’ sedge occurs in moist woodlands throughout the eastern half of the United States, so it is not surprising that it performed best in the shaded area of the trial.


  • Rating
    4.3/3.9 (Shade/Sun) Top Performer 
  • Common Name
    James’ sedge  
  • Size
    15” x 24” 
  • Growth habit
  • Texture
  • Winter foliage
  • Mowing rating
    4.0/4.4 (Shade/Sun)