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Carex albicans (white-tinge sedge)

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Carex albicans, or white-tinge sedge, is an attractive plant that produces fine-textured foliage in uniform clumps. Overall, the appearance of this species resembles Carex bromoides, although these two sedges belong to different sections of the genus and occur in different habitats in the wild. Carex albicans can be found in dry woodlands in contrast to the shady and wet conditions preferred by C. bromoides. White-tinge sedge, when grown in shade, proved to be quite adaptable to average garden soils and produced lovely compact clumps. After a few years, plants grown in full sun displayed rings of new growth with dead centers. This was most noticeable early in the season, but, as with other sedges, this tendency can be corrected with timely division.


  • Rating
    4.3/4.1 (Shade/Sun) Top Performer 
  • Common Name
    white-tinge sedge  
  • Size
    12” X 33” 
  • Growth habit
  • Texture
  • Winter foliage
  • Mowing rating
    2.9/2.1 (shade/sun)