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Baptisia ‘Crème de Menthe’

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Baptisia ‘Crème de Menthe’ is one of the most striking cultivars in our trial thanks to its incredibly dark-gray, almost purple, stems. Even when the stems are just emerging from the ground, this cultivar has a true presence in the garden that can’t be missed. ‘Crème de Menthe’ also maintains its dark stem color much longer than other selections, which serves as a striking complement to its pale yellow flowers. ‘Crème de Menthe’ is a compact cultivar whose habit is approximately 36”h x 46”w when in peak fower.


  • Rating
  • Common Name
    Crème de Menthe false indigo  
  • Bloom Period
    3 weeks 
  • Peak Bloom
    Late May 
  • Size
    40” x 58” (H x W) 
  • Inflorescence Length
  • # of Inflorescences
  • Size at Flowering
    36” x 46” x 44” (H x W x Flowering Hgt.) 
  • Stem Color