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Baptisia australis

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Throughout the trial, each of the two plants of Baptisia australis performed slightly differently. The first plant had fewer stems and consistently flopped just as it was coming into bloom. The second plant flopped too, but not until mid-June. Such differences in performance can be attributed to the fact that these plants were grown from seed, so some variability is to be expected. To be fair, the first plant is probably the worst specimen of Baptisia australis that the evaluator has ever seen. Cutting back one of the plants after it flopped, did result in a re-flush. But the regrowth still disappointed and wasn’t dense and uniform enough to warrant using a floppy plant.


  • Rating
  • Common Name
    blue false indigo  
  • Bloom Period
    2.5 weeks 
  • Peak Bloom
    late May 
  • Size
    42” x 96” (H x W) 
  • Inflorescence Length
  • # of Inflorescences
  • Size at Flowering
    40” x 42” x 48” (H x W x Flowering Hgt.) 
  • Stem Color