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Baptisia alba var. alba ‘Wayne’s World’

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Baptisia alba var. alba ‘Wayne’s World’ is a beautiful, white-flowered selection. This cultivar is incredibly similar to ‘Ivory Towers’, with the same tall, vase-shaped habit and leafless lower stems. The overall effect is a very graceful looking plant. ‘Wayne’s World’ does become rather wide as the season progresses. In fact, this late season width is the main difference we found between these two cultivars, with ‘Ivory Towers’ measuring 66” inches wide and ‘Wayne’s World’ measuring 96” wide. Because of this, ‘Ivory Towers’ would likely be the preferred cultivar for most people.


  • Rating
  • Common Name
    Wayne’s World white wild indigo  
  • Bloom Period
    3 weeks 
  • Peak Bloom
    late May 
  • Size
    60” x 96” (H x W) 
  • Inflorescence Length
  • # of Inflorescences
  • Size at Flowering
    56” x 62” x 62” (H x W x Flowering Hgt.) 
  • Stem Color