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Coreopsis ‘Cherry Pie’

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Coreopsis ‘Cherry Pie’ had the unique distinction of flowering in two very distinct waves.  The flower coverage rose to an impressive 100% in late June and again in mid-July.  In between these two peaks was a week with virtually no flowers.  Cutting back some of the plants in mid-July did have a significant impact on the foliage quality and floral display.  The resulting period of bloom from the cutback extended the floral display an additional two weeks.  Even more importantly, while the non-cutback plants were beginning to wither and die, the pruned plants were still green and lush.


  • Rating
  • Common Name
    Cherry Pie™ tickseed  
  • Bloom Period
    mid-June – mid-August 
  • Peak Bloom
    4 weeks 
  • Flower Size
    1” diameter 
  • Size
    14” x 14” (h x w) 
  • Disease Resistance