Ecological Gardening Certificate

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Design ecologically sound gardens by imitating nature’s patterns and systems
  • Create beautiful landscapes with high ecological function
  • Be proficient in native plant identification and landscape use
  • Use organic landscape practices to create resilient environments
  • Understand plant health issues and how to manage them sustainably
  • Gain tools to become a conservator of our natural habitats

Classes offered in our current program guide are underlined and clickable for more information.

GAR 301: Fundamentals of Ecological Gardening (8 hours)

GAR 302: Sustainable Landscape Techniques (8 hours)

GAR 303: Botany for Gardeners (8 hours)

GAR 304: Enhancing Life in the Soil (16 hours)

GAR 305: Ecosystems and Plant Communities (16 hours)

GAR 310: Plant Propagation (8 hours)

GAR 312: Inviting Wildlife into the Garden (12 hours)

GAR 321: Native Plants of Spring (12 hours)

GAR 322: Native Plants of Summer (12 hours)

GAR 323: Native Plants of Fall (12 hours)

GAR 341: Integrated Pest Management (12 hours)

GAR 342: Plant Disease Management (8 hours)

GAR 343: Managing Invasive Plants (8 hours)

GAR 361: Ecological Landscape Design (18 hours)

Total Hours for Certificate Completion: 158