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Helonias bullata

Native Plants

Swamp Pink

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Swamp pink is one of the first spring perennial bulbs to bloom. Long before the first leaves of spring emerge, the bottlebrush-like clusters of tiny fragrant pink flowers, with striking contrasting blue anthers, are produced atop 1-2’ tall stalks. The evergreen leaves, arranged in a basal rosette, are lance-shaped and can grow up to 10” long. Helonias bullata grows best in partial shade to light shade in acidic soils that are constantly moist to soggy. Swamp pink is an excellent companion to Andromeda polifolia, Rhexia virginica, Woodwardia areolata, Spiranthes odorata, Caltha palustris and Sarracenia spp.

More Details

  • Plant Type
  • Sun/Shade Conditions
    filtered-shade, partial-shade 
  • Foliage Character
  • Soil Moisture
    moist, wet 
  • Flowering Period
    early-spring, mid-spring
  • Soil PH
    acidic, adaptable 
  • Flower Color
  • Summer Foliage Color
  • Fall Foliage Color
    green, purple 
  • Fruit/Seed Color