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Pachysandra procumbens ‘Silver Streak’

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Silver Streak Allegheny Pachysandra

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A Mt. Cuba Center Plant Introduction.<em> Pachysandra procumbens</em> ‘Silver Streak’ is an attractive native groundcover with its mottled, evergreen foliage and fragrant white bottlebrush-shaped flowers in early to mid-spring. The cultivar was selected for its prominent silver coloration during the winter months. In spring the new foliage emerges dark green and remains so until early autumn when the silver markings begin to appear. The foliage of ‘Silver Streak’ remains attractive throught winter unlike many forms of Allegheny pachysandra that become bronze-brown. ‘Silver Streak’ spreads slowly to form a dense carpet 8-10” tall. Forest Green It performs well in a variety of soils from moist to dry and a range of soil pH as long as it is growing in partial to full shade. This woodland plant is also considered by many to be very deer and drought resistant. Pachysandra procumbens ‘Silver Streak’ is a versatile plant that makes a lovely companion for many plants including Hydrangea quercifolia, Leucothoe fontanesiana, Rhododendron vaseyi, Phlox divaricata, and Polemonium reptans.
‘Silver Streak was selected at Mt. Cuba Center for its unique coloring from a mass of Pachysandra procumbens of uknown origin. It was introduced in 2009.

More Details

  • Plant Type
  • Sun/Shade Conditions
    filtered-shade, partial-shade, shade 
  • Foliage Character
    evergreen, semi-evergreen 
  • Soil Moisture
    average, dry, moist 
  • Flowering Period
    early-spring, mid-spring
  • Soil PH
  • Flower Color
  • Summer Foliage Color
  • Fall Foliage Color
    green, multi-color 
  • Fruit/Seed Color