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Morella pensylvanica

Native Plants

Common Bayberry

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Common bayberry is a versatile shrub that can be used in a wide variety of garden situations. This suckering shrub is very adaptable and grows under dry conditions in full sun to filtered shade, preferring acidic soils, but tolerating neutral soils. Morella pensylvanica is an upright, rounded shrub that is deciduous to semi-evergreen and grows to 5-10’ tall. Common bayberry blooms in spring with inconspicuous yellow flowers. It has aromatic foliage and stems and develops blue fruit with a waxy coating. Combine this shrub with other tough plants in the low-maintenance shrub border such as Rhus aromatica ‘Gro-Low’, Aronia arbutifolia, Diervilla sessilifolia, and Viburnum acerifolium.

More Details

  • Plant Type
  • Sun/Shade Conditions
    filtered-shade, full-sun 
  • Foliage Character
    deciduous, semi-evergreen 
  • Soil Moisture
    average, dry, moist 
  • Flowering Period
    early-spring, mid-spring
  • Soil PH
  • Flower Color
  • Summer Foliage Color
  • Other Scientific Names

    Myrica pensylvanica

  • Fall Foliage Color
  • Fruit/Seed Color