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Andropogon virginicus

Native Plants

Broom Sedge

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Broom sedge is a beautiful warm-season native grass worthy of greater garden use. Its upright stature and warm reddish-tan fall and winter color make for a wonderful contrast in the garden. Warm-season native grasses begin growing well into spring. It reaches 3-5’ tall. Broom sedge forms distinctive clumps and is adaptable to many soils. It prefers full sun but is more adaptable to partial shade than many warm-season native grasses. It grows well with other native grasses like Schizachyrium scoparium, Sporobolus heterolepis, and Muhlenberia capillaris, as well as many perennials such as Asclepias tuberosa, Rudbeckia fulgida, Helianthus angustifolius, and Vernonia glauca.

More Details

  • Plant Type
  • Sun/Shade Conditions
    full-sun, partial-shade 
  • Foliage Character
  • Soil Moisture
    average, dry 
  • Flowering Period
    late-fall, mid-fall
  • Soil PH
  • Flower Color
  • Summer Foliage Color
  • Fall Foliage Color
    green, orange, tan, yellow 
  • Fruit/Seed Color