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Mt. Cuba Center in The New York Times

Baptisia australis var. aberrans with a bumblebee in Mt. Cuba Center's trial garden.

Mt. Cuba was featured in Margaret Roach’s ‘In the Garden’ column in The New York Times in spring 2020. Titled “How (and Why) to Use Native Plants,” the column explores how gardeners can utilize the best native plants for their locations and goals.

As Roach writes, “In recent years, the demand for pollinator plants has surged. But most of us don’t have room for a meadow.

So where do these native plants fit in your garden, which may not be that big and is probably not very wild-looking? And how do you find plants that are native to your particular location, with the highest value to beneficial insects and, in turn, birds and other native wildlife?”

George Coombs, Mt. Cuba’s director of horticulture and former trial garden manager, has the answers. Click to read more below.

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