Bring a bit of calm and serenity to your screens with these beautiful images from Mt. Cuba Center’s gardens. All garden wallpapers are free to download for personal use.

A cardinal perched on a tree in Mt. Cuba Center's gardens.

A cardinal perched on a tree branch in Mt. Cuba Center’s gardens.

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Main House at Mt. Cuba Center

Mt. Cuba Center’s Main House is center stage atop a velvety lawn that overlooks our iconic view of the Piedmont’s rolling hills.

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Trillium Garden

A snapshot of Appalachian spring, Mt. Cuba’s Trillium Garden features our native spring ephemerals at their peak, including our American Public Gardens Association accredited Trillium collection.

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Dogwood Path

A walk down Mt. Cuba’s winding Dogwood Path features stunning trees, vibrant blooms, and a luscious moss bank.

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Mt. Cuba Center's West Slope Downloads

Anticipation and excitement build along Mt. Cuba’s West Slope Path with naturalistic woodlands and spring ephemeral wildflowers at every turn.

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Mt. Cuba Center Ponds

Surrounded by exotic looking plants and trees that brush the skyline, Mt. Cuba’s Ponds provide shelter and sustenance for carnivorous plants, native orchids, and water-thriving wildlife.

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Mt. Cuba Center Trial Garden downloads

In Mt. Cuba’s Trial Garden, our researchers dive into the horticultural and ecological value of native plants and their cultivars, leading way to remarkable discoveries—science unfolding before our eyes.

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Mt. Cuba Center Formal Garden

From a former-swimming-pool-turned-fountain to an Arts and Crafts movement-inspired perennial design, Mt. Cuba’s Formal Gardens add elegant structure and captivating sights to the upper gardens area.

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Mt. Cuba Center Meadow

In Mt. Cuba’s Meadow, native grasses and trees dance in the wind and birdsong punctuates the air—a magical place to saunter in the sun.

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