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Mt Cuba Center
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Explore Nature through Collage

Eunice LaFate (right) and her cousin, Dwight, at Mt. Cuba Center’s Twilight on the Terrace event.

Collage is an art form that encourages you to explore the world through your sense of touch. It can help you familiarize yourself with things you would otherwise take for granted, like the softness of a flower petal, the texture of a glossy magazine, or the brittle fibers of a dried leaf.

LaFate is a self-taught folk artist whose works focus on unity and understanding.

Wilmington folk artist Eunice LaFate is familiar with the ways art and collage can inspire, especially with children. Her own artistic journey began at age 7, in Jamaica where the landscape, colors and culture of the island inspired her expression. On Friday, August 9th at 5:30 pm, she will lead Exploring Nature Through Collage, a hands-on creative experience for ages 6-17 that encourages exploration and expression with natural materials. Space is limited, and registration includes admission to the gardens. Register here (scroll to bottom of menu):

LaFate adds to the Earth Loom at Twilight on the Terrace