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January 28 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Owl Howl (Online)

Thursday, January 28

Many people have heard an owl, but few have ever seen one. Jim White, Senior Fellow for Land & Biodiversity Management at Delaware Nature Society, presents an in-depth look at the life histories and habitats of the eight species of owls that can be found in Delaware. These include Delaware’s nesting owl species – the Barred, Barn, Great Horned, and Eastern Screech Owls, plus the owls that may visit Delaware during the winter months, Short-eared, Long-eared, Saw-whet and Snowy Owls. Learn how, when and where to look for these nocturnal raptors this winter.

About the Instructor:

Jim White currently serves as the Senior Fellow for Land and Biodiversity Management at the Delaware Nature Society, where he has worked for 35 years. In addition   to insects, amphibians and reptiles, Jim is also keenly interested in owls. He has led many field trips in pursuit of amphibians and presents programs on them throughout our area using his own photography.


*Please note that this class has moved online since its initial publication and the time and date have changed.

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