Mt Cuba Center
Mt Cuba Center
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Check the Mail at Mt. Cuba

By Laini Farrare

Mt. Cuba Center invites guests to enter a world of imagination and artistry with the recent addition of four new interactive mailboxes. Located throughout the gardens, the mailboxes include a variety of unique activities for gardeners of all ages.

The inclusion of mailboxes in the gardens is a tradition stemming from one of Mt. Cuba’s founders, Pamela Copeland. She utilized mailboxes throughout the property to leave notes about her observations or future plans for the gardens. Today, they each contain an activity designed to encourage further exploration.

“The mailbox activities are meant to be little surprises that you come upon during your time in the gardens” explains Caroline Fazzini, Mt. Cuba’s assistant manager of interpretation. “We purposefully designed them to have a subtle, yet artistic aesthetic that blends in well with their surroundings..”

These additions have meaning beyond just their contents, but in the materials used to craft them as well. “The custom boxes that hold the supplies are actually made of black walnut wood that was harvested a few years ago at Mt. Cuba.” Fazzini says.

Spot the mailboxes by looking for their dark green facades and red flags with “Dig In” signage. Open the door to find deeper exploration into the gardens.

A green mailbox with a red flag

Each mailbox holds its own surprise. One mailbox, located near the Ponds, offers a poetic experience. Guests are tasked to craft their own poem and find the artist within. Another mailbox, located in the Meadow, invites guests to deepen their observation skills and to look more closely at small details. Furthermore, one mailbox on the Woods Path encourages observing the shadows of the trees to learn more about canopy, light, and shadow. The final mailbox, located on the Dogwood Path, explores the joy that birds bring.

Each mailbox provides you with the tools and creative space to consider prompts about things you may see or be inspired by in the gardens. These mailboxes are perfect for children or any child at heart. On a nice day, while strolling through the gardens of Mt. Cuba Center, you will find people of all ages enjoying our interactive mailboxes and we too hope that you will check the mail!