Construction Updates

As Mt. Cuba Center’s conservation efforts expand, it is time to update facilities for native plant research, propagation, and production. In Fall 2021, construction will begin on a new, sustainable greenhouse that runs primarily on renewable energy. Bancroft Construction will oversee the project with completion expected in Winter 2022.

In addition to the greenhouse, construction will begin on a new Woodland Glade garden, Ticketing Office, and guest parking lot to open in Spring 2022. While neighbors and guests of Mt. Cuba may see an increase in construction vehicles entering and exiting the property, we do not anticipate the project will impact the guest experience.

  • What construction projects are underway?
    In 2020-2021, Mt. Cuba completed renovations of the Formal Garden and the Conservatory Terrace to create more accessible pathways and destinations for guests. The remaining construction items to be completed in 2022 included in Phase 1 of the Master Plan are a new Ticketing Office and guest parking lot (light green shaded area at the top of the map), Woodland Glade entrance garden (purple shaded area next to the future Ticketing Office and guest lot), Greenhouse and Headhouse (darker green shaded area in the bottom right of the map), and widened entrance (tan shaded area at the bottom of the map).
  • Where can I learn more about your Master Plan?
    Please click here to read our master plan.
  • When will the remaining Phase 1 construction projects be completed?
    – Woodland Glade entrance garden – Spring 2022
    – Guest Parking Lot – Spring 2022
    – Ticketing Office – Spring 2022
    – Greenhouse/Headhouse – Winter 2022
  • Will there be any closures due to construction?
    The gardens will remain open throughout construction until the season ends on Sunday, November 21, 2021, then reopen to guests in April 2022. Classes will continue to meet at Mt. Cuba Center during the winter months. While guests may see an increase in construction vehicles entering and exiting Mt. Cuba’s property, the project should not impact their experience or enjoyment of the Gardens and Trails.
  • I’ve heard of a ‘Net-zero’ building for the Phase 1 being constructed. What is a ‘Net-zero’ building and where will it be?
    “Net zero energy” means the total amount of energy used yearly by a building is equal to or less than the amount of energy created onsite through the use of innovative technologies and renewable power generation. The new Greenhouse and Headhouse are designed to be net-zero energy. Here is an early rendering of the Greenhouse complex.
  • Are there solar panels on the project?
    Yes, solar panels will be installed on the roof of the Headhouse and on carport shade structures over an employee parking lot.
  • Will there be construction tours offered to guests?
    For the safety of our guests and staff, construction tours will not be offered to the public.
  • Will guests be able to visit the new greenhouse when it’s completed?
    The Greenhouse will remain a back-of-house area, but guided guest tours will be considered once construction is complete and the greenhouse facility is up and running.
  • What is a Woodland Glade?
    A woodland glade is a clearing, or an open area within a wooded or forested area, containing grassy meadows, perennials, and ferns surrounded by a canopy of deciduous trees. Below you can see an early rendering of plantings planned for our new Woodland Glade to open in 2022, in addition to plantings planned for our new Welcome Center parking lot.
  • Will Mt. Cuba’s 2021 or 2022 programs be impacted by the construction?
    No, construction will not limit the guest experience in the gardens, and events and classes will continue as planned. All areas accessible to guests will remain open during construction.
  • Will guests be able to see any of the construction taking place?
    Guests may see an increase in construction vehicles on-site, but most construction will be concealed behind a privacy fence.
  • Who can I contact with additional questions?
    Please email us with additional questions.